About us

RISE has been Founded in 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by young & Talented entrepreneurs with a Great Background and experience in Business to be the first in it’s class Technology provider.

RISE is been set to focus on distributing and selling to Three Major Industry of the market: Education, Enterprises and Retail.

As in Education: we are in a position of providing the most advanced & productive technologies which deliver the latest classroom technologies and always implement continues developments to meet a higher Educational standard to schools and universities.

Enterprises Industry is the second major market for us: we believe in smart working environments and our vision is to provide the best and latest solutions to meet the highest possible productivity in business world.
markets are facing a rapid business requirements and we know how to make the use of our business hours by the technologies we provide.

Technology Retail Market is set to be the highest in global markets. The development mind- set is so fast.
Therefore, we had the opportunity to have a good share initially by proposing a unique collections that makes us the first company introducing amazing products available in our market and enhance our educational and business industries in the same time.

We love making happy clients and maintain our relation with them through various options of services, which we believe that our clients are joining our business family once we start dealing together.
What makes us different is our approach, plans in Customer focused management and of course our solutions.
We assure every client feels unique and have amazing different experiences through our great passion of making business. Be Part of RISE business family and let us build a great business history together.

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