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SMART Interactive Displays

Easy to use, deploy, and support, SMART Board® interactive displays provide value and capability like no-one else, all at a great price. They’re a solid investment in dynamic, collaborative learning.

Choose from three models engineered to fit every teacher, student, learning environment – and budget.

interactive displays

Get more from your investment in student devices – in and out of the classroom

Works with your existing classroom technology

Designed for the future, with industry-leading upgradability

interactive displays

Powered by iQ

Your classroom’s most valuable player

Knock it out of the park with interactive displays powered by iQ – SMART’s embedded computing solution designed for education. Easy to use from day one, with endless options for student engagement and a product lifespan that’s tough to beat, SMART displays with iQ maximise your technology investment.

You’ve never seen touch like this.

ONLY SMART’s industry-leading touch and ink technology enables multiple users to intuitively write, erase, touch, and gesture at the same time, over any program or app, without interfering with another’s tools.

The industry’s best interactivity and collaboration

With SMART interactive displays, there’s room for everyone

Send groups of students to the board for intuitive, engaging, and simultaneous interaction.

interactive displays

interactive displays

Up to 40 unique touch points with full multi-user interactivity.

Continuous pen, touch and eraser differentiation from all users across platforms – not just “pen and touch” like the others.

Automatically recognises and switches between pens, tools, touch, multi-finger gestures, and erasing.

The power of SMART Ink

Leave your mark

Superior digital ink that behaves how you expect - and doesn’t interfere with your teaching. Only SMART Ink software lets teachers write over and into web browsers, applications, and files on Windows and Mac – without blocking navigation with an overlay.

  • No overlays – write and navigate at the same time
  • Intelligent activation – just pick up a pen and write
  • Write, move, resize, and use ink-to-text in any application
  • Save your work with multiple capture options

interactive displays

Less prep, more teaching

Our designed-for-education whiteboard application includes built-in content and activities that make it easy for teachers to add interactivity and engagement on the fly, no training required.

The “walk up and teach” whiteboard

Instant student engagement

Our ready-made whiteboard activities and tools help teachers involve students in learning for any subject or topic to be even more engaging and dynamic.

Playing nice with PDFs

Teachers can open their tried-and-tested PDFs in the iQ whiteboard in just three clicks for elevated interaction and student engagement.

We make it easy to use the content you already know and love.

Videos and images in just three clicks

Embed images and videos from the web into your lessons with just three clicks thanks to our integrated search function.

Students can easily watch the content you save on their own devices.

Built-in content

  • Integrated video and image search
  • Graphic organisers
  • Brainstorming & discussion activities
  • Digital manipulatives & interactive backgrounds
  • Measurement tools & floating classroom apps
  • Assessment activities that use student devices

interactive displays

Get the most from your student devices – in and out of the classroom

This is so much more than screen sharing. SMART displays with iQ allow for whole-class participation, truly active learning and a level of student collaboration that you just haven’t seen before.

Whole-class brainstorming, freeform ideation, discussion activities, polling and formative assessment, and a collaborative project canvas with student attribution are just some of the features that let you put students in the driving seat of their learning.

Plus, students can access and contribute to lessons whether they are in-person or learning remotely.

Fast, whole-class access

With just two clicks, teachers can connect unlimited students to the lesson, no accounts required.

Controls for active learning

Unique to SMART is the ability to switch to “student-based navigation” at any time, giving students control over their pace of learning.

Screen share without limits

SMART displays with iQ support wireless screen sharing from any device, on any network – native, browser-based and app-based.

Discover SMART Displays with iQ

6000S Series

In a league of its own.

Embedded computing iQ on Android 11
Touch points – Win, Android 40
Touch points – Mac 20
Continuous differentiation of all interaction types Yes – writing and non-writing hand
Interaction types Pen, touch, gesture, erase, highlighter*, & tools*
Erase types Palm erase, fine erase, eraser block
Palm rejection Yes
Audio 2x 20W front-facing speakers, Integrated mic array
2x USB-C 3.2 65 W (front) 65 W (rear)
Device connectivity Whiteboard broadcast - unlimited** users, Screen sharing

MX Series

The game changer.

Embedded computing iQ on Android 11
Touch points – Win, Android 20
Touch points – Mac 20
Continuous differentiation of all interaction types Yes
Interaction types Pen, touch, gesture, erase
Erase types Palm erase
Palm rejection No
Audio 2x 20W front-facing speakers, Integrated mic array
2x USB-C 3.2 15 W (front) 65 W (rear)
Device connectivity Whiteboard broadcast - unlimited** users, Screen sharing

Also available – SMART GX Series

The better basic display

Our entry-level panel keeps it simple. Simple to master and simple to maintain. Powered by basic embedded Android, it gives your teachers the power of popular SMART Notebook and world-leading SMART Ink on Windows and Mac computers. And you get peace of mind with the reliable global support and service of an established technology partner. Elevate your game with SMART.

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