Laptop Charging Locker

Charge, Secure, Manage & Store

The best charging locker for:

  • Education
  • Government – Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate & SMB
  • Healthcare
  • TV – Studios
  • Airline
laptop charging locker

Rise Laptop Charging Locker takes device charging and security to a whole new level. It’s a great charging station with 24 individually lockable compartments that uses PIN code, RFID, or face recognistion for access control to lock and unlock any compartment.
A complete hardware solution to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for laptops, tablets, phone, apple watch and other mobile devices.

User friendly Laptop Charging Locker

Our Charging Locker is very easy and simple to use by any user, an LCD touch screen gives you the option to use your prefered access mode (PIN – RFID – FACE ID) and allow you to select the compartment you prefer to use.

We can also simplyfy the access process to auto door selection to have faster and smoother workflow.

Laptop charging locker

Charging Locker Features:

  • 24 bay charging locker.
  • Charge all devices (laptop, iPad, mobile & apple watch).
  • log event system to track devices.
  • Master and slave system to manage big number of devices.
  • Power System: ECO-Safe charge.
  • 2 USB ports & 1 UK-type 3 pin socket in each compartment.
  • Locking System: PIN Code, RFID or Face recognition.
  • LCD touch screen for access control.
  • Steel Case.
laptop charging locker

Manage 100s Of Devices

Rise charging locker system is providing big factories and companies with a stand alone unit or multiple locker units connected in series. 1 master unit can connect with 2 slave units to manage and track a big number of devices.
Customisation is available depending on your project requirements.