Elixir Charging Lockers For Schools

Charging lockers

In the dynamic world of education, Charging Lockers stand as a technological cornerstone, seamlessly bridging the gap between innovation and uninterrupted learning. Featuring rapid charging technology that efficiently powers up laptops and iPads, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum classroom engagement.

Imagine a classroom where whispers of “low battery” fade to a silent hum of productivity. iPads stay charged for interactive learning. Laptops power through research projects without a hitch. Anxiety about dead devices evaporates, replaced by the buzz of engaged students. Your students can dive into coding challenges, collaborate on multimedia projects, and present their ideas with confidence.
This isn’t a dream, it’s the reality possible with our Elixir charging locker. “Laptop charging locker and iPad charging locker”

Charge, Secure & Manage Laptop and iPad Devices

Charging lockers

Elixir Charging Lockers Family:

Meet the Elixir Locker family, a smart and flexible charging solution for laptop and iPad while also offering secure storage for personal items such as school bags. The Elixir 12, Elixir 12 XL and Elixir 24 charging lockers are designed to provide easy charging. They have a versatile locking system that can use PIN codes or RFID. The RFID makes these lockers an ideal choice for educational institutions, where they serve the needs of both students and teachers alike. Strategically place them within the school, whether in the library, hallways, or other high-traffic areas, Elixir charging lockers ensure accessibility to all. Beyond their technical prowess, the user-friendly interface of Elixir charging lockers enhances the overall experience seamlessly integrating convenience and innovation for a harmonious educational ecosystem.

With an intelligent power system at its core, Elixir laptop and iPad charging locker prioritizes safety and performance, offering a reliable and energy-efficient solution.

Elixir 10 Pro

charging lockers

Presenting the Elixir 10 Pro, a distinguished member of the Elixir Locker family. Available in a 10-bay configuration, the Elixir 10 Pro redefines versatility, offering seamless charging for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Utilizing a secure PIN code locking system, this locker ensures the safety of valuable devices.

In addition to its practical functionality, the Elixir 10 Pro has a modern and stylish design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. It is a versatile addition to any environment, ensuring that it harmoniously integrates into diverse spaces while enhancing the overall ambience with a touch of sophistication.

21.5 Inch HD Display

Adding a touch of sophistication, the Elixir 10 Pro features a 21.5-inch HD display, enhancing its functionality beyond charging. Tailored for public use, this locker becomes a versatile solution for various environments. Moreover, the integrated display serves as a dynamic platform for schools to communicate effectively, allowing the posting of messages and announcements.

charging lockers

Elixir adapts to the unique dynamics of any educational space, delivering a tailored charging solution that goes beyond traditional functionality. Invest in Elixir Charging Locker for a transformative approach to connectivity, where devices are always ready for action, and innovation thrives in the educational landscape

Why Choosing Elixir Charging Lockers

  • Capacity

    Elixir Charging Locker comes in different bay capacity 10, 12, 24 and 12 large compartments

  • Structure

    Robust steel structure in white/ black color

  • User Interface

    Extremely user friendly system with 7 inch LCD touch screen for locking system

  • HD Display

    Elixir 10 Pro comes with 21.5 Android HD Display for multimedia

  • LED

    Internal LED indicator to know if a bay is available (green), occupied (red).

  • Cabability

    Elixir locker support laptop, iPad, tablet and mobile devices

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